BSc Strength & Conditioning, CES

The drive...

Passionate, determined and ambitious are three words that I would use to describe myself, three traits that are going to help you realise what you are capable of achieving. I can empathise with you however I am straight talking when it comes to you achieving your goals, its black and white, its yes or no, its you have or you haven’t. But it's not just you on this journey, it's both of us. You see when you decide to train with me, we enter a mutual partnership of commitment and direction. I will give you as much of my skills and knowledge as you reciprocate the same in commitment and effort therefore we win together or we lose together.

Having grew up on the council estates of a town called Redditch, where my parents split up and I had to move in to a ladies refuge with my mum and sister, it taught me a lot about what I didn’t want in life and gave me the burning desire to work hard to help me achieve what I did want, success. I want to be a role model for my younger siblings and other people, to show people it doesn’t matter of background, disability, gender, race we all have a body therefore we are all capable of achieving our goals and going above and beyond of what we think we are capable of doing.


Ever since a young age I have been involved in sport starting off in football, playing for local clubs, being captain of the district and county teams and progressing to trials for England School boys and playing at a semi-professional level. Through-out school I also played in a lot of other sports and thrived being in that competitive environment. It wasn’t until college when I started to grasp that If I wasn’t to become a professional sportsmen, I wanted to be around high performance sport in some way shape or form. On my working journey I spent 5 years learning my trade at the local council gym where I learnt a lot by working with a lot of different ages, ambitions, disabilities and personalities.


During this time I also helped set up CrossFit Redditch and coached there for three years whilst still learning my trade, doing something I enjoyed whilst helping other progress and be a better version of themselves. Simultaneously I went to university to study strength and conditioning at undergraduate level at Staffordshire University and made some fantastic friends. I said yes to every opportunity to expose myself to new problems, new athletes and potentially new opportunities. I had the chance to lead a weekend explaining the importance of S & C to international football coaches and taking them through sprint mechanics, I took my work placement with Aston Villa ladies and performed a battery of tests with them whilst supervising their sessions as well as testing work with Denstone College students. 


The mentors...

It was at this point through university that I took leap into becoming self-employed and starting my business however I was lucky enough to already have a top class business mentor who also is a highly successful strength and conditioning coach who goes by the name of Ric Moylan (ricmoylan.co.uk). Ric was the genius who started to help me figure out who I am and what my philosophies and ethos are in life and training rather than somebody else’s. Through a group of other like-minded individuals it enabled me to bounce ideas off them and get guidance and truth from a group of individuals that were either at the same point or further along in the journey but everyone wants to see other people succeed.


From here I was introduced to my second mentor being my coaching mentor, Darren Roberts (actionsportssolutions.com). Darren has had years of experience working with action sport athletes and working with some huge brand names such as Nike, NASA and Redbull. Through this mentorship it taught me that athletes are just people, they are not invincible, they break like the rest of us but they have one clear difference, their mental fortitude. Furthermore, thanks to the mentorship I had the chance to work with olympic athletes, pro-surfers, pro motocross athletes and managed to make friends for life. I had the chance to be invited to an invite only Redbull event to be alongside, listen and speak with some of the best practitioners this country has to offer at this moment in time whilst managing to increase my professional network.

to become an inspiration...

All of which I am grounded by the yearly charity work I do, at least once a year I like to push myself out of my comfort zone to test myself physically and mentally to raise money and awareness for others through either local or national charities. Having completed an ultra-marathon, Brighton marathon, L and other various challenges my aim is to keep pushing the boundaries to see what I can achieve and hopefully help inspire other individuals to challenge themselves. I want to lead from the front, I still play different sports, try new things, push myself to learn new skills and challenge my mindset and I will throughly encourage you do the same. 


The learning process never stops and so I am always investing in myself to go to performance and/or rehabilitation conferences, talk to more experienced coaches and improve my academic knowledge to piece all together to be able to apply the most up to date research to athlete, general population, injured or non-injured but more so focusing on an individual as a healthy human before anything else because without that, what have you got?

my career so far...

  • Over 10 years experience within the fitness industry in a commercial gym setting to coaching in a crossfit box and now working out of a private studio. I have worked with athletes, general population, individuals with conditions and people of different mindsets and challenges.

  • Help mentoring other small start-up businesses within the past year to help them become a success

  • I have created partnerships with local business to offer my clients exclusive discounts

  • BSC Strength and Conditioning, Level 1 British Weightlifting and FRC mobility specialist

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