I offer a variety of bespoke services dependant on what you are trying to achieve and the level of support you would like. 


There are two categories:


Working 1-1 with a client allows for a personalised approach. I take into account everything within your lifestyle such as current/ past training experience, sport, any current or past injuries/ conditions, nutrition, fluid intake, stress levels, causes of stress, sleep and your age. This allows me to gain a better understanding of potential barriers or potential opportunities to influence your goal.


Once I have a better understanding I can then create a training habit that you can be consistent with leading to sustainability and therefore leading to real results. All of which I shall be guiding you with 10 years worth of experience and knowledge to ensure the most effective methods and exercises are used to help you reach your goal, done so safely to ensure longevity to this aspect of your life.


The following packages will allow you to choose which level of support you would like. If you are unsure, feel free to fill out the contact form and I shall give you a call.


The rewards

As part of joining this family you have access to certain rewards by using the "DA Training & Performance Discount Card” (Picture)


10 % off-

20% off-



For every individual you refer that signs up to a minimum of 4 sessions, you will receive £50 referral voucher for any shop you like,


Other discounts off services to help maintain or help improve your journey to a better functioning body also include:

20% off


Weekly sessions with intent and purpose and lifestyle guidance with an initial 4 week week program


A weekly session to slot in with the rest of your personalised 4 week program with lifestyle and nutrition support


Double up the contact time for an integral part of your training week with more access to guidance and knowledge with the your personalised 4 week program with lifestyle and nutrition support

Train & Perform

Designed for individuals that want to take their training more seriously, they want to be educated and want to learn more about their bodies and how they can improve them.

You will train in a fun and relaxed environment supported by your peers to help you evolve and grow.


It does not matter if you are just starting out or if you are an experienced gym user everything can be adapted to suit.

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